Daily Life in Ancient Israel Quiz

How much to you know about life in ancient Israel? Take this quiz to find out.


Good job!

I’m sure you’ll do better next time!

#1. The length of the average workday was:

In June, sunrise was at around 5:30am and sunset at about 7:45pm. On the other hand, in December, the sun rose at about 6:30am and set at around 4:45pm. I won’t ever complain about my work hours again.

#2. Examples of toilets in ancient Israel are:

The public toilets with running water dated from the Roman period, but they were in one big open room with no individual stalls, so anyone could observe your business!

#3. The common people slept on:

Doesn’t sound very comfortable to me.

#4. In Old Testament times, the education of children:

It would appear that homeschooling is nothing new.

#5. In New Testament times:

The rest of the day was dedicated to learning a trade.

#6. For the common Israelites, this food wasn’t part of their daily diet:

Meat was reserved for religious festivals or special occasions. For the rich, of course, meat was a regular menu item.

#7. The most common sweetener was:

No artificial sweetener available—that would be a good thing.

#8. Most homes had dome-shaped clay bread ovens. Their fuel was mainly:

I can just imagine the smell—actually, I don’t want to.

#9. The Israelites considered illness to come from two main causes:

Germs were unknown in ancient times, but the Mosaic Law’s sanitary rules protected against them—after all, God knew all about viruses and bacteria.

#10. The average Israelites washed daily:

I would definitely miss a shower!