Teens & Tweens

Do you like to:

  • Have fun
  • Read exciting stories that encourage and inspire you
  • Escape from your present world


Do you want your child to:

  • Grow in their faith
  • Get answers to the spiritual questions that perplex them
  • See the Bible as relevant for today

Then you'll love my upcoming Middle Grade book How to Kill a Giant

He lost his courage. Will meeting a real superhero help him find it?

An awful summer … Thirteen-year-old Hugo is miserable. His move to a small Pennsylvania town has brought him nothing but trouble. Ignored by his new classmates and a favorite target for the school bullies, Hugo lets fear rule his life. It’s going to be a long summer.

An unexpected twist … Hugo meets siblings Julia and Stefan, who are just as unhappy as he is. After finding a mysterious old Bible, all three are magically transported to ancient Israel, where they meet the young shepherd David, who suspects they’re spies. The trio finds themselves caught up in a strange world where danger lurks on every side.

A terrifying adventure … As Hugo and his friends navigate the perils of this weird and frightening land, Hugo must face his greatest fear—that he’s a coward. His only hope of survival is to learn the secret of David’s bravery, but will he do so in time to face his biggest test? Find out in this thrilling tale of courage, friendship, and faith.

How to Kill a Giant will be published on June 27th, 2023, by Elk Lake Publishing Inc. Links where you can order it will be posted shortly.

How to Kill a Giant is the first book in the How to Be a Hero trilogy.

Here's the progress of my books:

How to Kill a Giant
How to Make a Miracle